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Weather guide Monday 24th to Sunday 30th June 2013



[font=arial][size=3][b]Headline: Fairly dry and bright, cool at first then quite warm from mid week[/b][/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]Some dry, bright and warm weather early last week, 25c at Rugby on Wednesday, their warmest day of the year to date. Then some rain and showers about, with thundery showers over Birmingham and Wolverhampton on Thursday evening. However, overall quite small amounts of rain during the past week, just 5mm having fallen at Llanwnnen and 10mm at Coventry. Much cooler and windy this weekend but things set to improve once more, and another reasonably dry week to come - June is turning out fairly dry if on the cool side.[/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]Sunday afternoon continues chilly with plenty of cloud and occasional, mostly light showers, with some areas again escaping these, lucky to better 60f (16c) anywhere, very cool. The blustery NW wind moderates overnight as the low currently over Scotland moves into the North Sea, becoming dry with clear spells, minima 7 to 9c. Monday looks a mainly dry day with a ridge moving into the west, a few showers are possible more especially over the Midlands but most places missng them. Sunny intervals on Monday, but a cool NW breeze and highs only 15 to 17c. Clear periods and a chilly Monday night, lows of 5c in places inland. High pressure builds more decisively from the SW during Tuesday although perhaps not enough to prevent a scattering of showers to develop, as there will be cool upper atmosphere pool encouraging them, again though many places will miss these showers altogether. Quite cool in spite of sunny spells maxima 17 to 19c, and with another chilly clear night to follow, a local grass frost not out of the question, as air temperatures get down to 4c in favoured cold hollows. [/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]High pressure close to Ireland on Wednesday and the upper atmosphere is starting to warm up, so dry and largely sunny on Wednesday, temperatures reaching the late June average of 19 to 21c, a very pleasant day as winds will be light, although cooler for Cardigan Bay coasts with an onshore breeze. Thursday too is influenced by high pressure close to our SW, so generally dry again with sunny spells, however weak fronts coming around the top of the high off the Atlantic could bring more in the way of cloud and perhaps a little rain for a time, more especially for North Wales and the Midlands. Rather warm where there is decent sunshine up to about 21c, but cool where damp, just 16c for Snowdonia perhaps. Much milder on Thursday night no lower than 12c. High pressure leaks away SW somewhat during Friday, the high perhaps not quite close enough to keep it completely dry with more cloud. We could well be within a sector of warm, humid but inherently moist air on Friday, so always more likely to stay cloudy along western coasts, even with a little drizzle in places, however inland, and more especially for the Midlands, warm and sultry sunny spells with temperatures as high as 23c, and this could set off a few sharp afternoon showers here. A mild and somewhat sticky night follows no lower than 13c. [/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]Next weekend, and we still have the same area of high pressure to the SW of Ireland, with a mild, moist and rather humid Atlantic west to NW airstream flowing about it across the UK. Western coasts always more prone to low cloud, sea mist and a little drizzle at times disappointingly, whereas inland, and especially the Midlands seeing some warm sunny breaks, although even here it may well cloud over at times. Mild nights next weekend, and by day maxima only 17c for stretches of coast that remain misty and damp, 21c for inland West Wales where it should brighten at times, then up to 25c locally for the Midlands where some decent sunny spells should break through. So not a bad weekend, and no washout for events taking place such as Glastonbury![/size][/font]
[font=arial][size=3][attachment=175613:PPVG89 cool m dry mon R.png][attachment=175614:PPVJ89 R but few showers Tue.png][attachment=175615:ecmt850.072 Tue m dry r cool.png][attachment=175618:ukmintemp very local GF Wed am.png][/size][/font][attachment=175636:h850t850eu pleasant dry sunny ave Wed.png][font=arial][size=3][attachment=175617:PPVL89 nice Wed warmer.png][attachment=175619:ecmt850.120 m dry THu.png][attachment=175620:PPVO89 Thu m dry but wk front.png][attachment=175621:metslp.120 H slips SW m dry r warm.png][attachment=175622:ecmt850.144 WS FRi cloudier warm.png][attachment=175628:ecmt850.168 wend m dry warm eso inland.png][attachment=175631:h850t850eu weekend H close by humid westerly.png][attachment=175632:mgram_Birmingham.png][attachment=175633:mgram_Cardiff.png][/size][/font]

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That rain featured way more strongly and extensively today (Thursday), 10mm here and still falling! Snowdonia was indeed the cool spot, but only managing 13c at Capel Curig.

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