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The week the Arctic High took control



As a strong storm came through at the weekend it also introduced an arctic high with bitterly cold temperatures.

This week we have not got above -25oC and night time has been around -32oC.

Tonight the temperature has really taken a tumble and at 11:20pm tonight its currently -37oC. The record low here is -42oC set in Dec 2008. Will we break it? I guess we will know in 12 hours.

What does it feel like? Imagine opening the freezer and that feeling of cold air for a second...that's every hour of every day outside. Cars need to be plugged in to prevent freezing, heating is going 24/7 and simple things like popping from the car to the shops takes an effort.

Houses are warm, work is warm, cars, eventually, get warm but outside activity stops. Its an unforgiving lifestyle in the Canadian arctic environment.

Light is at the end of the tunnel though....-5oC by next Monday? Shorts will be the order of the day then.

Stay warm!


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It makes you wonder how the original inhabitants and the early settlers survived without the benefit of centrally heated homes and cars and they had to go out frequently, at times camping overnight, in their forays for hunting, trapping and foraging just to get sufficient food to survive.

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I can only imagine they were covered head to toe in fur and this is a coal mining town and was founded in the late 1800's so coal was def the order of the day.

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What do you mean by "plugging in cars"- Does the battery have to be charged every night or something? (Coldest I've ever started a car in is -12C in December 2010)

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