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Well had a busy week, we were supposed to be on holiday in Crowborough (nr Tunbridge Wells) but spent part of the week house hunting in Gloucestershire :blink: Saw some dreadful, dreadful properties. They would make the 'How clean is your house' team cringe :D Eventually we found something which is a bit smaller than we hoped but in the village we really want and hence an offer has been made. Currently we are waiting for the second offer (first was rejected) to be considered (it's bank hol weekend so no worries there) We are still looking on the internet at other properties but have a better idea of the nice and not so nice areas to look at :o Having got back home I now really appreciate our house and the space we have. Today me and little fella had a quiet day feeding the ducks and leaving daddy to do some studies. Little fella needed the loo half way through lunch in Tesco, so off we go. In trying to get finished before someone clears away our half finished meal I pulled up his trousers rather quickly :D Us women don't have to worry about this but I caught something :D He was ok but..........When we were sat back at the table he said in a very loud voice "MUMMY, YOU HURT MY WILLY" :D I will get him back in the future :D

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