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Weather guide Monday 10th to Sunday 16th March 2014



[b]Headline: Mostly dry and mild to very mild with sunny spells but perhaps cloudier for the Midlands; overnight slight frosts[/b][/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=3]Although we still saw some rain at times last week, it was generally a lot drier than over recent months. It became very mild across the Midlands and South Wales by Friday, highs of 14 or 15c in places. Then on Saturday the very mild weather was more widespread in spite of the wind, with across West Wales 14.9c the high at Llanwnnen, 15.4c Gogerddan, 14.4c Pembrey Sands and for the Midlands 16.2c Pershore and 14.4c Church Lawford, way above the early March average of 9 or 10c.[/size][/font]
At long last high pressure will be controlling the weather over the UK in the coming week with Spring well and truly arriving - we will see barely a drop of rain, some decent sunny spells and mild, perhaps even quite warm temperatures, although clear spells will result in slight overnight frosts. The Midlands more likely to suffer from cloud at times due to the drift of air off the nearby cool North Sea, whereas West Wales fares best for sunshine through to Thursday. Sunday is another fine and very mild day for most and much less windy than was Saturday. Plenty of sunshine for the Midlands and temperatures should manage 16 or 17c here, while for West Wales a cloudy start but this thinning to give sunny spells this afternoon for most of us with highs of 13 or 14c here. A weakening front moves down from the NW overnight Sunday with a spot of rain or drizzle possible in places and temperatures staying above 5c due to the cloud cover, although a clearance across NW Wales may result in a touch of ground frost here around dawn Monday. High pressure establishes over the UK during Monday but with the decayed front lying within it and probably across the Midlands. A cloudy start on Monday for most but hopeful that it brightens to give some afternoon sunshine, this more likely over Wales. Much cooler than Sunday for the Midlands especially, highs on Monday 11 to 13c but pleasant enough given the gentle breezes. Clearing skies and becoming frosty on Monday night, as low as -2c in parts of Ceredigion. Another dry day for Tuesday, sunny spells especially further west, as the easterly breeze could well bring areas of cloud to the Midlands afternoon. Highs ranging from 13c for Cardigan Bay to 11c for the East Midlands, so quite mild. Any cloud dissolves on Tuesday evening with frost readily forming, locally -2c for inland Wales by dawn. Mist and fog for parts of the Midlands around dawn Wednesday perhaps. High pressure centred just to our east over the North Sea on Wednesday which should be another mild and bright day with a light SE breeze. West Wales favoured for the best of the sunshine and temperatures, a rather warm 15c in places here but nearer 12c for those parts of the Midlands where afternoon cloud sticks around. [/size][/font]
More of the same for Thursday, so after an early frost and mist or fog in places, sunny spells once more, better sunny periods expected for Cardigan Bay. Thursday could be the mildest day of the week with highs 14 to 16c quite widely and just a light breeze.Yet another slight frost possible for Thursday night. Subtle changes during Friday as a low passes to the north of Scotland shifting winds around to the west or SW, this means the best of the temperatures and sunshine tranfer to the Midlands by the end of the week. It should be a dry and bright day everywhere, although it may cloud over somewhat in the afternoon for Wales, highs 12c for West Wales and perhaps 15c even 16c for the Midlands. A weak cold front may bring a little rain on Friday night and looks set to cool things off more generally into the weekend, but some disagreement as to just how much cooler, and in fact the Midlands could stay decidely mild through much of next weekend too? High pressure next weekend to our SW but close enough to still provide plenty of dry weather. Just a few showers in places for Saturday and with a keen NW breeze pegging temperatures back to 10 or 11c maxima for West Wales. Sunday probably milder again but rather cloudy with a little drizzle in places but this a long way ahead![/size][/font]
Looking even further ahead some of the charts are indicating much colder weather perhaps with snow in places as we move into the later stages of March![/size][/font][font=arial][size=3]
[attachment=208960:decaying front brightens Mon.png][attachment=208961:PPVJ89 r mild sunny spells Tue.png][attachment=208962:ecmt850.072 weeks pattern ESE mild ss.png][attachment=208963:PPVL89 mild bright esp WW Wed.png][attachment=208964:ecmt850.120 mildest Th perhaps.png][attachment=208965:PPVO89 VM ss Th.png][attachment=208966:h850t850eu wind shift some rain WW late Fri.png][attachment=208967:h850t850eu R from SW weekend m dry.png][attachment=208968:ecmt850.168 mild NW flow weekend.png][attachment=208969:t850Warwickshire mild all week.png][attachment=208970:prcpSir~Gaerfyrddin~-~Carmarthenshire m dry week.png][attachment=208971:mgram_Birmingham.png][/size][/font]


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