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Weather guide Monday 7th to Sunday 13th April 2014



[font=Helvetica][b]Headline: Changeable with some rain at times but largely dry and bright mid week; temperatures around average, ground frost risk[/b][/font]

[font=Helvetica]Very high temperatures last Sunday for March, 18 to 20c reached widely, highest readings 20.7c at Porthmadog and 20.6c here at Llanwnnen. Thunderstorms in places on Monday along with Saharan dust deposits, if you wondered why the car was so dirty! The SE winds also brought high air pollution levels to the Midlands in particular up until Thursday. The very mild weather lasted to Wednesday for many areas, but some coastal areas were cooler, as were parts of the Midlands at times with persistent cloud and haze. Mild again this weekend but with rain at times, especially over Wales, Capel Curig has seen over 40mm in the past 24 hours. Saturday night was very mild no lower than 11c here, the same true for many other places too.[/font]

[font=Helvetica]March 2014 was a mild, bright and rather dry month for most areas, just a few spots attaining average rainfall such as the Rugby area. Some March Rainfall totals:

Llanwnnen 68.8mm (77% of average)
Trawsgoed: 64mm
Pembrey Sands: 54mm
Rugby 47.2mm
Coventry: 44.2mm (93%)
Coleshill 40.0mm
Little Rissington 37.4mm

After rain on Monday high pressure is stuck to our SW during the coming week, it will be changeable with some rain at times, but plenty of dry weather too. SW Wales most favoured for escaping the rain after Monday and generally Wednesday is likely to be a dry, pleasant day. With the west to NW flow temperatures not much better than average (12 or 13c), although the Midlands should better this on a few days while NW Wales struggles to top 12c all week.

Dull, wet and windy for Wales on Sunday morning, this rain affecting the Midlands too at times this afternoon. The rain should clear Wales this afternoon and the Midlands this evening, but the front does not exit the south and in fact waves back over us during tonight. Quite a wet night to come then, especially for Wales, with the rain heavy at times and lasting into Monday. The cold front clears through West Wales in the morning with sunny intervals for the afternoon, but the rain lingering well into the afternoon for the Midlands before eventually it brightens up. Sunny intervals and blustery showers for West Wales to end Monday with hail in places. A cooler day for Wales highs of 10 or 11c generally, but 14c for the Midlands. Clear spells and just a few showers about during Monday night, chance of a grass frost locally if the breeze drops off. HIgh pressure moves in close to our SW on Tuesday but the NW flow brings a few showers still along with sunny spells, Pembrokeshire most favoured for a dry, bright day. Maxima on Tuesday a rather cool 10 to 12c with the NW breeze keen. Clear periods for Tuesday night with a widespread ground frost and lows of around 2c, although perhaps too much breeze for this for West Wales bar in the hollows. High pressure over the south for Wednesday so a nice, bright day with sunny spells and highs 12 to 14c. Dry with clear spells on Wednesday night, ground frost should be restricted to the Midlands as cloud and breeze may increase for Wales.

HIgh pressure eases away SW on Thursday permitting a front to move down from the NW. A bright start for the Midlands but clouding over with mainly light rain at times afternoon which may not reach the Midlands until late in the day. Highs Thursday just 10c for damp Snowdonia, but 14c for the brighter Midlands. Clearing skies overnight again with grass frost risk. A cool NNW flow seems likely for Friday, mostly dry and bright West Wales but some sharp showers and hail featuring over the Midlands. Highs just 10 to 12c. High pressure probably not close enough to our SW next weekend to prevent some rain at times, but no washout and dry and bright at times, although with rather cool west to NW breezes. Pembrokeshire again has the best chance of escaping the rain next weekend with some pleasant sunshine here at times closest to the high. Maxima estimated at beween 10 and 14c for most over next weekend and should it clear overnight then there is a ground frost risk.
[attachment=210539:ecmt850.024 wet tonight wave L.png][attachment=210540:PPVG89 rain eventually to showers Mon.png][attachment=210541:PPVJ89 breezy few showers Tue.png][attachment=210542:PPVM89 dry bright Wed.png][attachment=210543:ecmt850.072 m dry Tue to Wed cool breeze.png][attachment=210544:h850t850eu fine dry Wed.png][attachment=210545:PPVO89 light rain eventually TH.png][attachment=210546:ecmt850.168 r cool some rain times weekend.png][attachment=210547:h850t850eu some rain times weekend r cool.png][attachment=210548:viewimage some rain times this week.png][attachment=210549:viewimage m dry week Pembs after Mon.png][attachment=210550:viewimage temps about ave overall.png][attachment=210551:mgram_Birmingham.png][/font]


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