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Monday 14th April to Easter Monday 2014



[font=Helvetica][b]Headline: Mild and mostly dry with sunny spells; frost and fog patches overnight; turning unsettled next weekend[/b][/font]

[font=Helvetica]Mostly dry with some sunny spells since last Tuesday with temperatures around or a little above the April average (13c) although quite warm at times for the Midlands where Coventry topped 16c (60f) on Wednesday for example. There were a few ground frosts as is typical in April still, down close to zero on both Wednesday and Friday night at this particular cold hollow. With the Bluebells coming out and the Swallows arriving back from Africa plenty more dry and mild weather to come this week too although with some frost and fog by night. Easter weekend.. and things gradually turn more unsettled.

A ridge of high pressure gives a pleasant rather mild Sunday with sunny spells, although I note some sea fog this morning for Cardigan Bay on [url="http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/satpics/latest_uk_vis.html"]http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/satpics/latest_uk_vis.html[/url] which may persist. Highs 13 to 15c generally but only 11c where sea fog or low cloud persists, quite a NW breeze on Sunday afternoon though. Clear spells tonight with ground frost in places lows 2 to 5c inland. High pressure centred over Ireland on Monday so another rather nice day with sunny spells and maxima 12 to 14c close to average. With clear skies and calm conditions on Monday night a widespread frost develops by midnight and also fog patches, down just below zero in places but milder and frost- free near coasts. The high migrates over the North Sea on Tuesday, more of a SE breeze eventually and warmer highs 14 to 16c, West Wales most favoured. Clear and cold again though for Tuesday night, another widespread frost, a few spots down to -2c perhaps and foggy in places too by dawn. Still a high pressure ridges over from the east on Wednesday so another good day, sunny periods after any fog clears and quite warm highs of 14 to 16c, a few coasts affected by sea mist and cooler however. Frost more restricted on Wednesday night, but still a ground frost locally down to 1c and again mist and fog patches develop.

Things get more complicated later in the week with various air masses attempting influence over the UK and with implications for the Easter too. Still not a great deal of rain about on the whole, so not too bad an Easter Weekend. On Thursday largely dry again but a weak cold front moving down from the NW seems likely to be bringing more in the way of cloud and a little rain or drizzle in places. It could be that the Midlands remains fine, bright and rather warm on Thursday though. HIghs anywhere between 11 and 15c for West Wales, and 13 to 17c for the Midlands depending on cloud cover. Ground frost risks once more for Thursday night as skies clear. Still a ridge of sorts across Wales and England for Good Friday which looks like a fine, rather warm dry day highs of 18c in places, so well above the April average.

By the weekend high pressure may have pulled away to Scandinavia with pressure tending to fall gradually across the UK. All highly speculative trying to predict a week in advance but Saturday may well be another generally dry, fine day but with some showers perhaps breaking out in places later on, and another reasonably mild day. More definate low pressure over us by Easter Sunday and Monday although hopefully not a washout! Some areas of rain or showers about then but with sunny intervals between, there may be some thunder in places too. Monday is showing the strongest potential for wet weather but this may alter. Cool where cloudy and wet, mild if the sun appears![/font]


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