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We went to Westgate beach today. Never been there before, but Mr R insisted on going as he spent many a happy childhood there (with his strange parents) back in 1982.Anyway, I grinned and bared it down there, knowing I would hate it purely because its associated with the parents in law from Hell (and believe me, I am not exagerating - if I wasnt so shy, I would be a star on ITV1's parent in laws from Hell programme)Anyway, suprise, suprise, it was a .................... suprisingly pleasant day (not my cup of day, but bareable(sp)). There were rock pools, (which I didnt ventre into, because I had a nice pair of shoes on, hate sand, and had hair stubble on my legs that were conviently covered by wearing jeans). I did, however, sit in the shade staring out to sea whilst both my children paddled in the rock pools. That is, until my youngest (mini-R) announced she needed to do a Wee, right at the last minute (with approx 23 seconds to spare) and promptly wet herself in the sea.Anyway, once the children (I include Mr Raven in this equation) had had their fill of looking at winkles, shells, fish, and all the horrid sea type creatures in the rock pool, we headed for the beach.........................................which, incidently was also known as a crab graveyard. Now, this is the first time I have ventured into the sea (bare foot and hairy legged) since 1988. I paddled out and........................ stood on a crab. Now, lucky enough this crab was already dead, but I stood on it, cracked the shell and promptly ran screaming from the water. Then, I noticed a crabs leg, (detached from the body - Inspector Morse, eat your heart out) followed by 5 dead crabs (I was looking for them now, so goodness knows how many there was before then) swallowed up by the sea, laying dead on the beach - so we swiftly left (after eating a snickers ice cream (me), a strawberry calico/calippo?! (mini R) and a mint feast (mr R).Once getting over the crab graveyard/murder scene senario, I can conclude we had a (quite) nice day.

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I think things might not have been as horrific and Messiah-ish as they first appeared.....

Crabs actually moult their skin several times a year, and what you stood on/saw was probably discarded carapaces, rather than dead crabs....so the water was probably not putrid/infested/radioactive/toxic, etc, etc.....just a good place for crabs to moult....

Goodness, I know some rubbish, don't I? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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