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Stormchase 2014 - The Night of the Twisters



blog-0782193001404157375.jpg[u][b]Tue 17th June 2014[/b][/u]
After yesterday I didn't think we could possibly equal such sights. How wrong could I be.
We left our hotel in Columbus with two targets in mind, one to the NW in SW North Dakota and one in Central Iowa. Based on the High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model data from the SPC we eventually chose to go with the eastern option.

As the day progressed and we entered Iowa with Temps of near 90F and Dewpoints aroundf 73F, the model was indicating a shift back to South Dakota/Nebraska so we headed North and West to cross the South Dakota state line near Vermillion.

Heading south into Nebraska across the Missouri with CAPE of 6000, tops had exploded above 50000ft and we entered the core headed south keeping east of Coleridge where radar indicated rotation.

As we emerged from moderate rain, to our west was a Wedge tornado which quickly became rain wrapped.

As darkness fell, this system kept producing and we saw tornado after tornado; Cones, Wedges a beautiful stovepipe... A total of 6 for the day! What was strange was that for hours and hours this supercell only moved a few miles to the southeast seemingly trapped by the Missouri. Maybe the native Americans were right in building their settlements to the east of the great Missouri after all!

Photos for the day can be found in the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AADTLNoDDLAlz4ptk6GGYxZka/Day%204%20%20-%20June%2017th"]Dropbox Gallery[/url].

Videos can be found in the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AADVSVut43KGJYwdsgIU7D1na/HD%20Movies"]HD Videos Gallery[/url].


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