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Stormchase 2014 - Last South Dakota Chase



blog-0279700001404156057.jpg[u][b]Sat 21st June 2014[/b][/u]
We began Saturday in Waterton South Dakota. SPC and HRRR were indicating a South Dakota Target today and with a boundary laying towards the North of the state this was prime territory for storm initiation later in the day.

We headed to Redfield for Lunch. On leaving there and heading west the storm had started taking hold into the boundary layer and tops were were already climbing rapidly through nearly 60000ft into a classic supercell structure.

As we approached Bowdle, the storm was taking on real structure with a wall cloud forming to our west and rotation clearly evident. The storm tried a number of times to drop a funnel and then dropped a rotating wall cloud as it continued to move Southeast.

We eventually moved southeast to Faulkton which would soon be hit by torrential rain and hail. Just as we were about to leave the cell became tornado warned. A massive shelf cloud was evident on the storm as we headed east then south out of town ahead of the circulation which although not confirmed most probably contained a rain wrapped tornado.

After driving through torrential rain and winds of around 70mph, we arrived at Mitchell SD for the night.

Photos from today can be found in the [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/htak3nmei1ga7c3/AACOWrV7znS1rpbv1dmTWY3Pa/Day%208%20-%20June%2021st"]Dropbox Gallery[/url]


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