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August 2014 Forecast



[b]August 2014[/b][color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica] - Based on computer generated long range forecasts and the climate simulator that takes the current climate conditions and simulates ahead of time for a forecast prediction.[/font][/color]

[b]Rainfall[/b] - Western Scotland and the South of Ireland are the two main area's that are likely to see more rainfall than average, the Midlands in England though have a slight risk of seeing above average as well. The rest of the country is expected to be average.


[b]Temperature[/b] - All of the UK looks to have warmer than average temperatures through August. The Eastern parts of England may see some spells of average temperatures though.


[b]Pressure Patterns[/b] - High pressure will mainly be situated in the Atlantic and over Europe while low pressure sits over the UK.


[b]Summary [/b]- August 2014 looks to be another warm month for this summer with most places seeing above average temperatures for most of the month. The West of Scotland and Southern parts of Ireland look to see above average rainfall with the Midlands at risk of seeing this as well. Elsewhere though will be average in terms of rainfall. High pressure isn't expected to be over the UK however with it being over Europe and in the Atlantic close by some settled spells can be expected along with unsettled spells as well. August 2014 looks to have a mixed bag of weather in store for us.



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