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February 2015 Forecast



Made using the CFS long range model along with the Climate Simulator.

[b]Rainfall[/b] - Ireland, Wales, South West and North of England, Western and Southern Scotland will see rainfall above average. Ireland especially looks to see the most.


[b]Temperature[/b] - Most of the UK and Ireland look average however there are signs of some mixed mild and cold weather about. Overall Southern England and parts of Wales may end up slightly more milder than average.


[b]Pressure Patterns[/b] - Low pressure looks to continue to be a main feature over the UK during February this will give way to some short cold spells and some unsettled wet and windy weather especially for those in the West. High pressure sits in the Atlantic for most of the time and may move over the UK most likely the Southern parts at times and give off some settled and milder weather.


[b]Overall Summary[/b] - February looks to have a mixed bag of weather in store for us. Short cold spells are likely during the month however there are no signs of any prolonged cold weather on the way. Its likely to turn milder and unsettled as well with wet and windy weather affecting the West and Northern parts. High pressure may also give us some short settled spells which will make Southern England slightly milder.

[b]Too Long Didn't Read Version[/b] - Temperatures mainly average perhaps milder in the far South. Rainfall wet in the West and North average elsewhere. Low pressure mainly in control and high pressure always nearby in the Atlantic.


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