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Winter 2014 - 2015 From Space



Here are some pictures of what the weather looked from space during the winter. Of course most of the time the UK was covered in cloud but here are the rare few moments when it was clear enough to see.

[b]18th March 2015[/b] - Snow over the very top of the Scottish Highland mountains can be seen.


[b]9th March 2015[/b] - Storm passing over the NW of Scotland bringing gusts over 90mph.


[b]17th February 2015[/b] - Most of the UK was cloudy but the SE escaped with sunshine.


[b]14th February 2015[/b] - Excellent clear view of the West of Scotland with snow on the hills over the Highlands.


[b]29th January 2015[/b] - Another storm brings gusts over 90mph again to the NW of Scotland.


[b]19th January 2015[/b] - Just the NE of Scotland got away from the cloud allowing us to see the snow.


[b]2nd January 2015[/b] - Most of Ireland, Wales and England got seen.


[b]28th December 2014[/b] - Snowfall moved further South across the country. Wales had some snow on the hills.


Also on the same day Southern Scotland and Northern England had snow on the hills.


[b]16th December 2014[/b] - Snow over the Scottish Highlands.


[b]2nd December 2014[/b] - Really good clear day for Ireland.


[b]23rd November 2014 [/b]- Cloud to the SE while sunnier elsewhere and a low pressure system giving unsettled weather for the NW this image alone sums up the large difference in weather the UK can experience in a single day.


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