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Alps Weather Forecast 3 April 2015



[size=4][font=arial][b]Introduction [/b][/font][/size]

[size=4][font=arial]It is always strange at this time of year, on the one hand it seems another long winter on the other hand it has flown by.
From the outside, it seems there was a fairer distribution of snow this year than other years. Quite a lot of snow has fallen from late December onwards, but there have been notable mild weather at times, which has left some lower slopes in particular with snow shortages at times.
The other notable feature seems the number of unsettled weekends and in particular on Saturdays.[/font][/size]

So on with the forecast in my last blog I mentioned the chance of a late winter hurrah for the Easter Weekend.

If we compare the models s from last week to what is suggested now. It is noticeable that the cold was watered down and was further East than forecast. This is a common theme from Northerlies in recent years!!
[attachment=248231:Alps 27 Mar + 168.JPG] [attachment=248230:Alps 3 Apr.JPG]

So the pattern is for High Pressure to the west of the UK, with low pressure over Eastern Europe , with the Alps in between these patterns.
[attachment=248233:Alps 3 Apr +24.JPG]
However over the weekend, there is a tendency for High Pressure to build over the UK and for Low Pressure to develop to the South East of the Alps, with a cold Easterly flow setting in.
[attachment=248232:Alps 3 Apr +48.JPG]
This pattern continues into next week with a cold Easterly flow continuing over the Alps.
[attachment=248239:Alps 3 Apr + 72.JPG]
By midweek, the pressure over NW Europe continues to rise, and the colder air abates and the winds switch round to more of a East/South East direction turning things less cold.
[attachment=248238:Alps 3 Apr + 120.JPG][/font][/size] [attachment=248249:Alps 3 Apr + 168 (Pattern).JPG]

[size=4][font=arial]Coldest towards the North East and noticeable that even the cold temps at 850Hpa do not relate to that cold temperatures on the surface.
Sat – 1000m-1300m North and East Austria, S Germany 1300-1800m N Switzerland, most of Austria, NE Italy 1800-2200m SW Austria, S Switzerland, NW Italy, France/Italy border
Sun – 1000m-1300m Austria, S Germany N Switzerland, most of Austria, N Italy 1500-1800m, S Switzerland, NW Italy, France/Italy border
[attachment=248237:Alps Temps 3 Apr + 24.png] [attachment=248236:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 48.png]

Mon – 800m-1000m Austria, S Germany 1000-1400m N Italy, most of Switzerland 1600m-2000m Switzerland/France/Italy border areas
Tues – 800m-1000m N Austria, S Germany 1000-1400m S Austria, N Italy, most of Switzerland 1600m-2000m Switzerland/France/Italy border areas
[attachment=248235:Alps 3 Apr Temps +72.png] [attachment=248234:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 96.png]

Tues – 800m-1000m N Austria, S Germany 1000-1400m S Austria, N Italy, most of Switzerland 1600m-2000m Switzerland/France/Italy border areas
Wed – 1200m-1600m N Austria, S Germany, N Switzerland 1800m-2200m SW Austria, NE Italy, S Switzerland, French Alps 2400m-2600m NW Italy
[attachment=248246:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 96.png] [attachment=248245:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 120.png]

Thurs – 1200m-1600m N and E Austria, SE Germany 1600-2000m W Austria, SW Germany, NE Italy, E Switzerland 2200m-2600m W and Central Switzerland, French Alps, NW Italy
Fri – 1000m-1400m Austria, S Germany 1400-1800m N and E Switzerland, 2000m-2400m S Switzerland, French Alps, NW Italy
[attachment=248244:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 144.png] [attachment=248243:Alps 3 Apr Temps + 168.png][/font][/size]

Saturday - Overnight precipitation becomes a bit more organised during the day and edges south as we move in to the evening. Snow levels 1000m (Notrth-1800m early afternoon, this dropping to under 1000m for all areas by evening.

Sunday – Showers for most of the day, these heavy at times during the afternoon, before fading away quickly by evening, snow level circa 1000m-1400m

Monday and Tuesday – Precipitation is likely to develop over Austria, during the afternoon Monday, turning moderate at times, this continuing overnight before fading during Tuesday snow levels generally below 800m

Wednesday to Friday – Staying dry in the west, spells of precipitation possibly over Austria at times, some of this heavy and falling as snow above 800m generally sometimes this rising to 1200m during daylight hours.

[b]Summary [/b]

A definite split this week coldest towards the North and East with further snow likely to moderate levels, and milder drier and possibly sunnier towards the South West.[/font][/size]

That is that for another year, the chat goes on at [url="https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/81729-the-alps-snow-thread-season-20142015/page-23"]https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/81729-the-alps-snow-thread-season-20142015/page-23[/url] but having a clean cut off makes more sense.

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading these blogs and they have been informative and maybe at times even accurate!!.

One last thing if you are on the slopes this week, be mindful of the avalanche risk off slopes and take plenty of sun cream.

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That's one fantastic blog this week Julian, full of spot-on analysis and observations of the overall season!

My thanks for the time and effort you put into writing these weekly 'outlooks' - always a great read!

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