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Mini-raven's 1st Day At School



As some of you will know (as I haven't shut up about it!) Mini-Raven started school today.This morning, she seemed a little quiet, so I asked her how she was feeling about starting school. She said she was frightened incase she didnt make any friends. I reassured her that she would, and that all the other children are feeling like she was this morning.We had to drop her off at 9.30am, and we walked her into the class room. Her eyes filled up with tears when we had to leave, but after a cuddle from both me and Mr R, she seemed to brighten up. We had a nose through the class room window without her knowing, and we saw her chatting and laughing with the teacher and the other children, drawing a space alien (of all things) and writing her name. We picked her up this afternoon, and she was quite litterally bursting with excitement about her day. She really enjoys it, has made lots of friends (although she can't remember their names yet) and they played hopscotch and 'catch' in the playground. They also had to write their names and count as far as they can (I guess so the teacher knows what they are capable of)She did make me laugh though this evening. She asked why she has to go to school, so I told her it was so that she could learn things and get a good job when she leaves school. I asked her what she wants to be when she is bigger, and she said she wants to be 5.Bless.


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