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My Mum And Dad.....



I thought I'd write about my mum and dad in this blog, seeing as they've been down this weekend....Now my parents are a pair of stars: both had had their fair share of trauma through the years. Dad retired at 50 due to ill health and my mum has early onset osteo arthritis and as well as having a double hip replacement at 50, also got hit with the menopause and a breakdown all in the same year. Recently my poor dad has been suffering from a neurological complication of his original illness which has caused muscle wastage and the loss of some of his strength.....When my dad was first ill in the early 1980s my mum kept the seriousness of his condition...they thought he would die....quiet from me and my brother who were too little to really understand. We knew he was ill, but my mum kept everything as normal as possible for us. The real wonder of this is that she had no support from family (oooo the stories I could tell about them.....!) who actually said that my dad was 'putting his illness on' even though he was in and out of hospital all the time!!!!!! :blink: Anyways, the fact is that they have never let any of the terrible things that have happened to them get in the way, and have continued to offer help and support to anyone who needs it from friends to total strangers (the latest was a lost Polish lorry driver with a puncture and not a word of english who my mother spent an hour on the phone at a service station relaying messages back and forward from his firm to him)...This weekend was a case in point. They were coming to see us in our new home, and my dad spends the weekend fixing things like fences and hand rails and helping out (we didn't even ask...he just knows when he's needed and refuses to take it easy!). I should say here that my dad is a whizz with anything practical and is also a master carpenter who makes all kinds of beautiful things like musical instruments and furniture....so by thed of it, we have a beautifully crafted hand rail with little wooden plugs covering the screw holes, a fence that stands up straight and a lock that works!!!My mum also gets into the swing getting food and gets hold of a paint brush to help paint the back fence.....her one concession to her hips is that I will have to do the low down bits!They really are marvellous people and I love them loads.... :o


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You're really lucky to have such wonderful parents :)

They sound like they won't let things get in their way and I'm sure they love helping you when you are about to make them Grandparents :D

Enjoy the pampering ;)

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Yep, they are lovely...

And they are very much looking forward to being grandparents: it'll be their first grandchild. And I just know they will be so good at it! :D

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