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Car Boot Sale



Well I've been deglecting my blog recently :blink: I've had a lot on my mind and have not always been in the best of moods to post an entry for fear falling foul of the lible laws re my boss :D Things are all go on the house front, we are aiming to move at the beginning of November, work permitting (see above) We went to see the bank on Saturday re mortgage, which is really a formality due to actually reducing our mortgage but it still took over 2 hours :o I got a bit shirty with the woman who was trying to make us get terminal illness and illness cover. Having worked for Norwich Union I know a bit about the other side of insurance claims :D plus, with my kidney problems, it would cost a small fortune (life insurance already does) Today we did another car boot sale to get rid of any remaining bits n bobs. Early start but thankfully the weather was glorious :D Sold quite of lot of stuff and managed to make just short of 100 pounds :D Mega mega tired though, I can't remember being this tired in the middle stages of pregnacy last time but my kidney is keeping me awake a lot more so that doesn't help :D Hubbie cut the grass but as little fella insisted in helping him he didn't manage to get much cut. He decided to cut big swirls in the grass (almost like a grass maze) problem was he didn't get time to cut the rest of the grass, so now we have 2 big areas of grass with big swirls in them :D

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Hiya! Glad to hear all is moving on witht he move: but I know what you mean about the hard sell from mortgage people....Colin at Nationwide spent ages trying to convince me and Mr Roo that we should have all number of different products: got very p'd off with it all.....specially as critical illness does not cover things like having only ONE arm or leg cut off (it has to be two) nor illnesses like MS.....

Grrrrr :lol: :lol: :lol:

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