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Hurricanes...and Friends.



well I finally managed to get hold of my friend Helena yesterday. She works as a geologist for Shell in Houston, and has been forced to evacuate. They were trying to convince them all to stay in their house until today, but Helena took one look at the huge electrical plant with all its huge electricity pylons close to her house, and decided that maybe it would be a good idea to get a long way away from them.Anyways, after spending 2 hours trying to get petrol and a further 8 hours trying to get through traffic, she got out of Houston and is on her way north, so thank goodness she's safe. :o Had my best mate around last night: it's very funny cos she's pregnant too! Two months behind me, so we're not too different really. The funny thing about the poor love is she had given up all hope of having a kid, had just taken a huge promotion at work (she travels lots!). She suddenly realised she was feeling a little different and that she hadn't probably had a period for for a bit, so by the time she actually found out she was over 4 months! :blink: :D:D:D She's a little shell shocked, and her bosses keep treating her with suspicion as if she planned it all and kept the pregnancy quiet on purpose. Anyways, the poor love now has to try to balance being preggie with her new job, and is not sure what she's going to do once the baby is born. Luckily there may be a possibility of her other half sharing care which would work out great for them....Had a great night last night though...it's so nice to be able to compare notes with someone who you know so well. :D:D:D


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