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Monday, Monday....



Well it's that time of year again.....the first day of term at college....The whole place is teeming with nervous looking 18 year olds (and cocky looking 19 years olds who have miraculously forgotten what it was like to be a newbie far away from home, and are strutting their stuff and trying to look bohemian and worldly wise in the foyer of the building, even as we speak).It suddenly dawned on me today that it is 16 years since I first went to university: so that makes me officially old enough to be their mother for the first time ever. Waddling round the building as a heavily pregnant woman didn't help me feel any younger either! :blink: :o I really felt for the poor little lost loves...they all look so very young. Oh I am such an old fart! LOLOLOLOLWell they still have Prim Tech to come tomorrow which will sort them all out (Prim Tech is a week long ice breaker course in a field in Sussex where they learn to make pottery, build a mud house, cook over a fire, flint knap, live in a tent, etc, etc...and mainly get very drunk round a camp fire and get off with each other! Prime candidates for this are the older 2nd year lads who make a point of showing the poor younger girls the ropes, as it were.....). Next monday, there will be a job lot of not so innocent looking 1st years trying to avoid certain other 1st & 2nd years, whilst clinging desperately to their five friends that they found this week, and don't dare to be seen without....Thank goodness that was all 16 years ago for me...I don't think I could cope with the anxiety of it all anymore! :D


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I wish I had gone to Uni :(

My brothers had a whale of a time :D

It makes me feel old to think that a girl in my class now has a 19 year old daughter :blink:

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I wish I had gone to Uni  :(

My brothers had a whale of a time  :D

It makes me feel old to think that a girl in my class now has a 19 year old daughter  :blink:

I know what you mean Katie! I sometimes wonder what could have been... however, I chose this path of life....!!

One of the girls I went to school with will now have a 13 year old son. Says it all for my school really!

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Funny isn't it?....for me I always wonder what life would've been like had I not gone to uni....

Much that I'm glad that I did now, at the time, it scared the living daylights out of me.....going to somewhere like UCL I was surrounded by students who mainly had more money than sense, and who had that supreme confidence that can only come from a very expensive private education (I was state comp!).

By term two I had an alcohol problem and depression as I desperately tried to fit in with all the 'hoorays' around me. I sometimes wonder if youngsters go to young to uni....having worked in a one for a bit, you kind of get to see how vulnerable the poor things can be, epsecially nowadays with the whole 'lifestyle to maintain on a pittance' thing....

Ah well.....there's no such thing as a bad experience, eh? Hmmmmmm :rolleyes: :lol:

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