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Not Well



I had a bad night last night with my kidney and ended up taking the day off to recharge my batteries a bit :blink: As MiniLoo (Mervin) gets bigger, it means that more pressure is being put on my poor kidney, so I am suffering a bit more at the moment.I'm having another scan on my kidney on Friday to see how it is changing, I hope that it can be controlled without them having to have an early c-section :o But I am trying to be positive and work on the priciple that it's better that they know what is wrong with me and that they are looking out for it :D


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Katie, I hope you are feeling a bit brighter today, and managed to get some well deserved rest.

Pregnancy can be tough at the best of times, without having to deal with an underlying problem as well. I hope your consultant can keep it all under control for you.



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Chin up chicken....

Hope the docs manage to get it all under control...methinks you need to take it easy ducks, and get plenty of rest and pampering (and don't whatever you do, worry about work: they will cope!!! :) This is one of those times, when you come first, and sod the rest!)

Hope you're having a relaxing day at home. :)

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Thanks guys :)

I'm a bit more with it today, although the Midwife was worried that I look extremely pale and tired :unsure:

I'm going to speak to the consultant about pain relief on Friday, as I can't take my current tablets and drive so I need an alternative.

I'm on a bit of a slow down at work this week, boss is not in so I don't have to worry about being harrased to do pointless tasks as per usual :rolleyes:

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Katie hun, take it easy - I know its easy for me to say - but working full time in a stressful job while pregnant isnt easy... and thats without your kidney complaint which is causing you jip!

I am sure you would be entitled to go off work sick if nessessary (sp) and get full wage for it? I know you work for the NHS, and depending on how many years you have worked there, you can get 6 months full pay signed off sick.

I'm not one for working the system, so to speak, but you really must take it easy while pregnant!

*hugs* to you hun


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