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Well as Shuggee was going on about trains on Saturday, we decided to go to the National Railway Museum on SundayLittle Fella really enjoyed it but give him massive steam trains, weighing 100's of tonnes, he preferred the little model railway :blink: :D We then braved Toys'r'us :D Little Fella was asking me if Father Christmas was back off his holidays yet. I told him that he was and he was working very hard getting ready for Christmas :o Oops, forgot to mention poor little fella discovering how not to go down a fireman's pole at the playground. Let's just say that he got the arms bit right but the body bit sort of didn't stop in time and he ended up going whollop right between the legs :D There were 2 other dads there and they both winced as Milo howled :D He was alright after a bit of magic chocolate :D Other than that it's pretty boring in Katie World ® :D


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I think he really hurt himself, as he still said it hurt the following day :unsure:

He seems ok today though ;)

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