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Not a very exciting weekend, lots of sorting out what we are taking with us and what we are not bothering with. Our new house is a bit smaller than our current one (but we plan to make it bigger) so we are rationalising what we are going to take. We will need to buy a fridge and a freezer as they are not built-in as we have at present so we thought we would go have a bit of a reckie at what was out there. Little fella loved just opening doors etc :blink: I just found it a bit boring, it's hard to get excited about a under counter fridge and freezer :o While we were there though, hubbie got distracted by flat screen TVs. As the sitting room is a bit smaller it makes sense to buy one to save space (or that was his argument) I've agreed we should get one but maybe wait until after xmas when we know more about them/what size etc - any help on picking one much appreciated :D Today was more sorting things out, then me and little fella made Flapjack but I forgot to put in the Demarara sugar and it just fell apart :D We were going to visit Dalby Forest on the Moors (never been yet) but then I found out that there was a rally on and didn't think I wanted to share the Forest with a few thousand people :D


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