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4 Days Left



Yippee, only 4 working days left at work :o Today has been a long slog, with my boss saying about 5 words to me all day :o Off to the hospital again to have my kidney checked out, it's a bit of a pain but it's good that they keep an eye on things.The house move is getting to me a bit, I just want things to be a bit more definate :p Thankfully I have next week off work, so I can chill a bit and do a few phone calls etc :lol: Anything else :o oh got rid of little fella's slide tonight :D Didn't seem worth taking it with us but we have promised that we will get him a brand new one at the new house :(


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Hope you get on ok at the hospital again Katie :)

Your boss doesn't sound nice at all - just think only 4 days left for you, but she has got a lot longer than that!! :) tee hee

Shame about the wee one's slide :( Is he looking forward to getting a new one? (ELC do some nice ones - reasonably priced too :) )

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It was a TP one :unsure: quite good I'm told but I'm not moving it, he can have a new one.

I fancy getting one with a bit of a climbing frame type thing, I know ELC sell them :)

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