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The Beauty Of Nature



Dear Diary (haha)Well I do wonder how long this is going to last!! Must tell you something exciting (litthe things please litle mind I know ...)Our bedroom window looks onto a row of trees and bushes. One load of tree, bushey, thingies has a load of nuts on it. And we have been watching this past week 2 Jay Birds (arnt they rare?!) and 2 squirrells eating the nuts. I sqirrells are delightful to watch as they chase each other sometimes and even dangle upside down by their tails round as much as a twig sometimes!! And they eat a nut like that between their little hands.Soooooo cute. But both those and the Jays wont sit still long enough for me to take some pictures yet!! So the camera is still awaiting its duty upon the window sill. Little bummers lol ... When they decide to allow me to picture them I will post in here for you all to see the little critters hehe.Nah seriously I feel so lucky and even so close God just watching his creations out my own bedroom window. I feel so very lucky. Well this morning you find me sat in the bed in the office on my laptop writing to blogland with a bowl of frosties and classic fm on daniels comuter ... his speakers are better than my laptop!! Must get up in a minute and make some coffee and go awake him with a cuppa tea ... Yes, I came into here to sleep from the snoring at about 430am ... and the night before ...Will be fun when I have to sleep on the sofa in a sleeping bag when Zoe is here haha. Oh well hopefully she wont be here more than 2 months.Didn't get much housework done yesterday. I left here and went to sleep for an hour whilst Daniel did 20 minutes on the exercise bike then he joined me and slept for an hour. And then I got up and persuaded myself to do some work!! Put the washing on and we both did a load of washing up. More to do this morning ... yes we are bad leaving it to pile up ... Anyways im off to awake the king and then tidy house and at least have it tidy if not clean! Next week we will be changing it round and getting clothes out for winter.Thank you for reading my ramblings once again ... love to all X


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Moved bedroom due to him snoring?!  TWICE?!  You are a saint Becka :)

Nah some of us gotta sleep!!! Becomes a regular occurance sometimes ... don't u have the same propblem?! lol

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