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Just One Of My Legendary Nights!



im rightfully renound for the happy bunny that is myself when drunk- so i will keep you all uptodate with my 'other side' when out at a pub, club, gig or down the park if hard up for money. I have had so many experiences in the past but for legal reasons i guess i cant give too much detail to you unfortunately! However i can tell you about the second most pi$$ed, wackiest night of my life, of which i cant remember much and that many other people actually told me about- lets just say i was a crazy boy :) and remember this was ony my second most drunk night, you dont even wanna know about the FIRST LOLoLOL are you comfy? then lets begin.........it was a boring, mild October night and David, Ruth, Kirk and Coral were going to the pub for a special JohnPell night where Davids fave local band, charlie brown ( http://www.charliebrowntheband.com ) were playing, along with others, to meet with about 30 friends, inlcuding Laura, Will, Ben, Jackie, Han, Annie, Carl, Gemma, Holly, Ollie, Ashley1, Ashley2, Wendy, Alex, John and others) along with about 100 other people who were also going from elsewhere around Suffolk. And during the night david done some very drunken, stupid, silly but utterly hilarious things which cemented his reputation as 'the legend' They are as follows:-randomly shouted out 'i suck c()ck' many, many times to random people who were bemused by the statement (IF ONLY THEY KNEW- MWUAHAHAHA)-posed for many pictures along with his lesbian friend jackie, who he performed with as the Lesbian and Gay duo who it turned out, everybody loved-sung really cheesey songs at the top of his voice-wrestled his friend carl in the middle of the floor-pulled down his rather trendy jeans to show everyone his 'mickeymouse' (His underwear had a mickeymouse on them, lets get that clear!!!)-had a barmen come up to him to tell him top 'put it away'-the same barmen came up to him as he dafodiled in the corner, the toilet was just too far away- ooops, bad me!! and david had to quickly 'whip it away'-the same barmen picked up many things which had been splashed by Davids urine, David was embaressed but said nothing and laughed anyway-broke a table leg when commencing the random wrestling-embaressed his second (yes second, LUCKY ME.lol) lesbian friend when discovering she was always there by shouting all sorts of stuff out for all to hear-commented on a mans 'part' in the toilets, who surprisingly invited him to go further which he declined, but kissed him anyway and then once agen declined to go further- tut!-made his friend Coral, fully girl may he add, snog him every time she wanted a fag HEHEHE-then tried to convince the barmen from earlier that the broken table was in fact a "very stable" table, and was almost good as new-declined the advances of a friend who turned out to be bi, but kissed him on the cheek anyways-danced on top of a table amongst cheers for all to see and cheer.-done a merry jig infront of everyone, without even realising it-wore a girls, army glittery hat to the toilets while keeping a straight face and not laughing-started on someone who said his shirt was nice (i misheard :S doh )-set his own hair (YES THTS RIGHT, MY OWN BLOOSY HAIR!) alight which failed, so he went on to do it agen only for his hair to be burnt off right at the front and all shinghed (sp?), also singhed (sp?) his beloved eyebrowsand that was just one of my legendary nights, bookings for me to legend up your event can be made via PM :lol: :o :o :p :o :(;) lol!!! hehe thanks you, goodnight and goodbyebtw, this is me when i got home, and after i had spent an hour in the toilet throwing my guts up, to which my bro, my mum and my dad didnt give two craps about and left me dying :D 29508102246.jpg29508111352.jpgooops oops ooops! i regretted it the next morning too!! and dont even ask why i have pics of me, i dont remember them being taken, eeks ;) am i whats wrong with everything about our youth these days, ahh well if i bloody am! im having fun, and for now thats all im gonna care about! :)


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Hahahahahahaha! Sorry I can't help but laugh, you look half dead in those photos. I can imagine you probably felt like that as well. :lol:

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yes, emmy, i was almost at the point of being pronounced dead in those photo's! :lol: :D lol!! seriously, it was hell- i even worried my dad, and hes one of these victorian fellas' so it dont happen often!! lol!

and Shugs, thats your typical night out too, or so im told! :p hehe

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All of a sudden, I feel the need to pour any alcohol we have in the house down the sink!!

Reminds me of some nights out back in the old days! :lol:

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