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Back From The South!



Well we are back from a quick trip down to see where we are going to be living soon (Nr Cheltenham) Drove down in a downpour on Monday morning and managed to get my window chipped by a stone off a lorry :lol: For once I didn't have my insurance details with me, so I had to wait until my return to sort it out. Thankfully, they think they can fix it (even though it's on the driver's side) so it won't cos me anything.We stayed at a lovely Cotswold country pub for 2 nights. Hubbie was reading the comments book and apart from the "lovely crooked pub" "nice food" etc was the following "Came here to get pregnant" ;) Maybe a bit more info than the owner's wanted and I can't imagine that the AA/RAC give star ratings for those sort of facilities :D:) Got back today to letters from the solicitor re moving. Found out that we should have 'asked permission' from the builders of our current house to put a conservatory on it. We thought that there was a time limit of 5 years but it's indefinate, so we have to fork out at least £100 for them to give permission for us to build on our house :o Grrrr......there were naughty words coming out of my mouth this afternoon :o Then our buyers don't want to move on a Friday but we can't move into our new house until the Tuesday but they have Parents evening ;) I got mildly irritated and said it would be over a week later if they couldn't do that date, they relented :) Oh and my kidney has decided to let me know it hurts big time :p :o Hey ho - soon be xmas :(


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