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Castle Howard



Today has been a spledid day weatherwise, lovely sunshine, nice temps, slight breeze :D Me and little fella went to Castle Howard, which is only 15 mins from where I live but we rarely go there :o We had a good day and the fountain was working for once ;) We went to feed the ducks at Harome (home of the Star Inn :( ) but they were naughty ducks that tried to attack us for the food rather than be good and wait for it to be thrown to them, so we left rapidly :o (I hope they appear on the menu pretty soon) Cleared the worst of the leaves off the drive only and filled a wheelie bin with them :lol: I would have put them in the compost bin but it's a bit awkward for me at the mo. Little fella had great fun riding his Spiderman bike through the pile of leaves until Spiderman slipped and fell over into them and got ickie :o I am suffering from a allergic reaction from a moisturiser I bought the other day and look and feel like I have really bad sunburn :p

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Aww Katie, I love Castle Howard - we went there when i was expecting Miss Moo, really, really gorgeous :) The ducks sounded very rude! Hope your allergic reaction has calmed down now.

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