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Busy Weekend



Well picked the kids up yesterday from great nans.....stayed for dinner....then had to go to winchester for a party my mum had done for the kids...so off we went....kids doing the normal whinging in the car....anyway got there and kids got dressed up.....sky-anne was a pretty witch...harry was a skeleton(which he is every year) charlie a vampire and stuart was the undertaker.

people started to arrive and typical my sis turns up as some cheer leader but with a white face and blood splats on her....lol

my bro on the other hand who is in a rock band and a goth...who un known to my mum invited half his goth tribe...welll that set the scene nicely :o

by 9 we left...bros mates ruined it a bit for everyone got a bit rowdy.

today me and hubby have been pumpkin making.....took hours started at 11 am and finished last one around 10 pm. by which time i ran outside and lit them up to take pic with the camera phone(well it had to be tested.....lol)

hubby cooked a full roast which was yummy and the children played nicely which was pleasent to say the least.

well tomorrow its back to winchester as stu wants to go out with his mates while my step dad is gonna take the other 3 trick or treating round the local area while i enjoy a few drinks :lol:

here is a couple of pics of our fine art work

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