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Well, that was one hell of a weekend. :o :lol: :p

It all started Friday evening - people arriving in cars, planes and trains to be put up in various people's houses/B&Bs/Apartments (the posh folk!). And we were off. A quietish night out Friday til 1am (normal closing)... Had to wait up for a car load from Manchester; who didn't arrive until 3am and then insisted on heading into town for kebabs. Sigh.

Up Midday Sat - and to the pub for the darts championship of the year. Absolutely fantastic. The Guiness up here now is from St James' Gate, Dublin - none of the Park Royal, London rubbish anymore - and by golly it just slips downt the throat like well-oiled milk. Nipped out of said pub at about 6pm to get food then PARTY!! Ended up with about 170 people there we reckon - bar took £3400 - so no problems (hopefully) about getting the deposit back. Although there were a couple of incidents with the silly manager ont he night not knowing what was going on and an over-zealous bouncer (at a private party - who asked for him?!) throwing some punks out cos they had they audacity to be too drunk. :o Got in at 5am - and then partied in the house til about 9.

Spent yesterday in bed. Except for ordering a curry.

I am slowly remembering how to speak. Don't think I'm going to go drinking again. :o


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he he he Sounds like a good time was had by all - surprised you can remember much :lol:

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