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Shock Horror!

snow raven


I came home from work tonight to find my blood pressure results on the mat (well, floor, since we dont have a mat to wipe your feet) Anyway, it turns out that after 10 months of tests, they have discovered.............................................. that I dont actually have any problems what so ever with it! My 24 hour blood pressure results were: during the day - 131/81 and during the night, 124/78.

This, rather embarrassingly means (I did think it was this, but was far to ashamed to admit it!) that I am most probably terribly unfit! My blood pressure had only started to read as 'high' around my doctors surgery after they moved the nurses room upstairs. :D And a flight of stairs does leave my ticker beating rather rapidly to say the least! Ooops.

Still, on the plus side, I helped a trainee Phlebotomist (who left my arm nicely bruised after failing to find my vein - in the end, out of desperation, I had to point it out to her - much to the annoyance of the nurse who was training her) and also helped a trainee cardiology nurse put electrodes on my chest for my ECG.

Always look on the bright side of life :rolleyes:


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I bet thats a relief for you though- at least you can do something about being unfit - its more difficult to control high blood pressure (especially at a young age) :) Lots of walking with Mini-Raven planned? And you must feel proud to have been a guinea-pig for the trainees :lol: Glad all is ok though :)

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Glad to hear you are OK :)

Better that you checked it out and as you say, you helped them with their training ;)

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