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:( Hmmmm

i luv snow


well at the moment me aint in the happiest moods, a tad depressed about a few things in my life but me gotta look on the upside- latvia on friday :rolleyes:

i wont go into too much detail bout why im feeling this way, but whenever im looking for someone it dont go right, and i just ainjt attracted in anyway, or i dont feel right and i cant even force myself to go any further with them, let alone get with them. Alas, i end up with no-one. Yet every single ugly person i know has queue's of people after them and/or are constantly with someone- and they aint just ugly they aint got any personality either!! when it comes to going out with them, or dating them, myself there was absolutely nothing there- im starting to think i just dont 'gel' with anyone :D:D:(:( i shouldnt be pouring my heart out to random people, but i dont really feel like chatting with friends about it, we all got enough to deal with, without me feeling all depressed.lol

jus gotta get things off my chest


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Just a very quick reply.

At your age, it is exceedingly rare for any boyfriend/girlfriend relationships to last, for a number of reasons. I don't think people are fully 'sexually' mature at an adolescent age, and there's usually complications like peer pressure, ego and social status, and a tendency to rush to find 'partners' who turn out not to be compatible personality wise.

If you don't have a girlfriend, you're probably not missing much- almost everyone your age moves from one girlfriend to another with recurring messy splits.

If you do have an assortment of reasonably close friends, if they really are true friends, they should at least be prepared to allow you to let your heart out, provided that you don't go on about it regularly for weeks on end. They may also provide you with the support you need that you feel you don't have from a girlfriend.

Just as an anecdotal point, I'm 21 and still haven't had a girlfriend (and am not too bothered about it), so at 16/17 I'd say there's nothing to worry about.

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If you don't have a girlfriend, you're probably not missing much- almost everyone your age moves from one girlfriend to another with recurring messy splits.

??? :doh::doh::doh:

Fret not Davie, it'll happen :);)

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thanks for that TWS, i know im probably just being a drama queen about all this, but it gets me down sometimes. I have had partners, just nothing ever seems to mean anything and just recently i havent been finding myself feel right with anybody in that way, like i use to, just as all my friends seem to be finding someone. Even if it isnt really serious with them, it just drives me crazy that i cant get anyone and i dont think im too bad of a guy. I just dont understand why the boring, unattractive, emotionless people can get boyfriends and girlfriends and others, including me, who are by no means attractive and all tht, but not quite as bad, seem to get left with nothing. I know that sounds really harsh, but its true. Once aain, thanks! and im probably just crying over spilt milk!! :whistling: :blush: lol

and i hope it does happen flags, i know im only young- its just when i see everyone round me with peeps and i am no longer with anyone, and havent been in such a long time- it just frustrates me. Lets hope it happens soon eh :lol:

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we've all been there Davie (well, I have, anyway!) when all your friends seem to find partners and be settling down and you feel like your never going to meet anyone.... but it will happen for you. Just go with the flow, and your'll meet someone - don't go looking for the perfect partner everytime you go out, as normally in those circumstances you won't find them and end up even more disapointed.

Last but not least, enjoy your holiday! :)

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