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At Last!!!!!



Oh at last, I've finished work :D

Today was mega stressful, with lots of sorting out of loose ends etc. Deleting old files, cookies (thanks for the program Paul)

We went out for lunch and this afternoon I got a card, gift voucher and a huge bouquet of flowers, plus I got a bottle of 5th Avenue Perfume from my boss :D

I will miss working but not the stress :(

Had a load of other stress with the removal company threatening to drop our move as we have not Completed yet :( I have assured the chap that we will move on Tuesday but I have to confirm to him first thing tomorrow. I am very tempted to tell him to go take a running jump (polite verson :rolleyes: ) but I don't want to cut my nose off to spite my face :(

Had a emotional departure from little fella's childminder. He's been with her since he was 4 months old and she feels like a part of the family. She gave him a huge remote control car, which is charging at the moment and some other things for xmas :) I got her some flowers from Next, which she was really happy about ;)

May try to see my Grandma tomorrow before we depart. Little fella loves going to see her but the highlight of his trips are playing with my auntie's penny savings - I'm sure he will play with them longer than the remote car :(


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