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Dead Body !!!!



Blimey, what a week. Firstly someone managed to wreck the main bridge on Wednesday, which I almost went through shortly after it happened not expecting to find a big hole in front of me :D

Now today the workmen saw something in the river and so we had 3 police cars, 2 ambulances and the air ambulance. From what I have heard the person was not alive :) Lot's of going on for a normally quiet little town :D

Yesterday was a day from Hell :( Our removal company annouced that as we had not paid upfront (it was a company move and they agreed to invoice the company after the event) they had someone else who had paid and exchanged already :(

So poor little old me went into hormone overdrive, thankfully waiting until the boiler guy had gone :( but thankfully I have managed to get the other company doing it and I had a bit of a better feeling about them even though their terms meant that we had to pay beforehand

Me and little fella went for a walk to the weekly market (what an event :rolleyes: ) and got soaked to the skin ;) So paddled back to get some lunch before heading off this afternoon to see my Grandma in Harrogate (she's 90+ but still got all her marbles :) ) Little fella loves going to see her and I will miss being able to pop across as often :)

Then a weekend of packing ready for the big move on Tueday :(


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