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Kentish Snowgirl


Well I thought I would join the world of blogs.

Some of you will know I used to be a regular poster on here last year, full of slightly salacious posts and mad ramblings about my now ex weirdo neighbour, Chelsea and other mind numbing stuff but now I only pop up now and again, mainly to do my football predictions. There is no real reason why I don't post, actually there is, life changes for the better, thanks to this forum I met and now live with a wonderful person meaning I don' t get as much time or much use of my laptop now. So will use this to bore you to death with any snippets of news.

Anyhow... well thats a thing my dad always says when changing from one topic to another. Its a difficult time for my family at the moment as my dad is in hospital following a head injury, stroke and four seizures. He lost his speech and was terribly confused. Thankfully over the last week he has made amazing progress and is communicating well, although loses track mid sentance or the word gets jumbled. But when he said "Anyhow.." for the first time, I knew he was improving. Its going to be a slow rehabilitation process but things are looking up compared to two weeks ago.

Anyhow...I've been a bit mixed up. tired and emotional the last few weeks so extremely grateful for all the love and support my wonderful boyfriend has given me.

ILUM xxx :rolleyes:

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