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Official Mini-roo....



Yesterday we decided to go and get our little pumpkin (yup..she's still looking like she's had 25 pints of Sunny D, although it is definitely fading fast) registered, which entailed a trip back to St. Albans Register Office.

The minute we get in the door we bump into the lady who married us who smiles and greets us, takes a minute or two to register the fact that we have car seat avec small person and does a barely hidden double take of shock!!! :rolleyes::D Upon being told said small person arrived 4 days after we were last in her office she scrambled to try to find suitable things to say, failed dismally and gave up.

We then saw the little man who also married us and who then had great problems grasping that mini-roo's surname was going to be the same as mine, not Mr Roo's...he also did the same shock and confusion response to mini-roo.

I'm almost going to miss going there on a regular basis to confuse them..it's such good fun :D:(:(


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It must be very unfashionable to get married whilst pregnant in St Alban's... It's all the rage in Liverpool... I got married in Liverpool Register Office when I was 8 months pregnant with Eldest... and nobody batted an eyelid. (Although, since by then I was almost as wide as I am tall, they did rush through the ceremony... presumably in case I decided to save having to go back to register the baby and just had him there and then.)

Congratulations on officially having a daughter anyway.

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A [totally late] congratulations on the bambino Roo, does she have a Net-Weather login yet? (well kids seem to grasp technology so young these days :) )

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