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Can't Sleep



I can't sleep at the moment :)

I think it's a mix of worry about moving and Mervin trying to find the light switch in my tummy :D

Hubbie is very ruthless at getting rid of stuff, which is good as our new house is a little smaller than our current one (but smaller mortgage ;) ) I'm having to find a new home for little fella's sand/water play table. Hubbie thinks I should just take it to the tip but I would rather someone had use of it :(

Strangely he thinks I being tight by getting narked at our buyers not paying the asking price for some lights and dishwasher we are leaving. We put in the property details that we wanted £110 in all for them but they seem to have decided that they are going to pay £85 - no offer, no discussion :D Now maybe I am being a bit "tight" but we are leaving loads of things, garden seats, sexy chrome bath cabinets, curtains etc and they are trying to swizz us out of £25 :( It's just the principle of the thing :(

Oh well, we had a bad going on when we moved from renting to our current house but as hubbie said "what goes around, comes around" and our Landlady who swizzed us then has had to creep past us on many a time :):rolleyes::(

Last day for packing. Just seen the weather forecast for tomorrow and it looks like it's going to pour down so I dread to think what the carpet will look like with all the chaps walking in and out tomorrow :)


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Good luck for tomorrow Katie, and stop thinking about the carpet!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Most removers will have rugs to put down, so do ask, if they don't get them out....

As for the rest...time to let Mr Loo take the strain....you need to be in tip top fighting shape to look after mini-loo and merv! That's your job for tomorrow...the rest is his!

By next week you'll be in and the panic will be over. :D

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But the carpet is creamy/beige (and I can't blame being pregnant for buying it :rolleyes: )

I'm sure everything will be hunky dory, helped a lot by little fella going to his Uncle & Auntie's for the night B)

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