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First Entry About Me



Right here goes.

I've been reading Net Weather for some time now, and only came across the Blogs last week, what a great idea, I thought, I'll start one. :D

So who am I, and where, what etc. Well my screen name says it all, I'm Phil and I live in Glossop in North Derbyshire. Actually I live in Dinting which is 2 miles from Glossop, but who's spliting hairs! I live with my partner Daz, who's I've been with for some 4 years now, and we have two dogs, Will and Tasmin. Oh and 3 cats.

I'm orginally from Plymouth in Devon, and we moved north because of work. I work in Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, as the manager of the parking attendants there. OK, this could make me the most hated person on here, but I do seriously enjoy my job, not least as I have the BEST drive to work over the A628 Woodhead Pass every day. On a clear day you can see as far as Hull, Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester. On a bad day, you're lucky to see your bonnet! Daz works in Manchester as a lawyer, so if it's raining or the weathers bad there (ie snowing), he emails me at work and I set off home. :rolleyes::(

My house is just on the Peak District National Park, nice and high up with lots of lovely walks for the dogs. Took the dogs out this morning on the old Woodhead railway line and we had our first real frost of the winter last night. I have strong feelings this winter is going to be a rough one, not least as the weather was just too settled in the autumn.

Anyway must get on- kitchen to clean, shirts to be ironed for next week, oh and Eastenders to watch as well. It's all fun you know! :(:(:D

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