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Oh Well!!



Hi all!!

hope you all have had a good day,quite pleased to hear they forecast sun all week and frosty mornings, i love that kind of weather!! :(

Been chatting to me bestest mate today who has just been told that they are not sending her out to the island for the tv programme 'SHIPWRECKED',i dont know if you remember it. it was on channel 4.kind of like a big brother but there on a island surviving and they get voted off.

She was supposed to fly over to start filming this week,for it to air in january but they rang her and said they werent sending her out! :D

Such a shame cos she was waiting for months and it was so hard to get down to the final few,i guess like big brother is!

nevermind :rolleyes:

Well me and my o/h are out tonight seeing friends and their little baby stan,cant wait, he is sooo cute!!

I went driving my o/h's van last night with L plates on! that was funny! me a white van man................well lady!! :D

You see i gave up drivin a few yrs ago cos i failed but now he has got me back driving for the first time in ages and its back to square one!! i forgot how to!!!

Im going to really try this time as he gets fed up doing all the driving!

Anyway better go!

Speak soon

B xxx


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