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More Mini-roo Pics....



here's some more pics of my little lovey in case anyone's interested! :rolleyes:




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Well she gained a bit, and then lost a bit, and last time the health visitor came she was 5lb1oz which was a bit of a shock, but apparently that's normal as she's basically a premmie (even though she was officially not at 37 weeks) and it's also the norm for breastfed babes who don't put it on as quick apparently...

But me and her dad reckon she's put on a bit since then, so we shall see....health visitor comes to weight her later today, so fingers crossed! :D

Since the jaundice has subsided, she's definitely come alive much more :D

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Good stuff. As long as she is happy and healthy then the weight will go on. Oliver is pilling it on now. Doing 6oz feeds every 4 hours ish!!

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she is beautiful thou,i would be very proud!! me and my fiance went to see our friends with their 8month old boy,i think were getting brudy!!haha

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Fantastic Stuff Roo!! She's a little darling. I bet she's like most innocents of that size however, and can make a disproportionate amount of noise :lol:

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Roo hunny, I've just been mooching around and wondered why I hadn't seen your witty comments recently.WEll, WEll WEll hun, Big congratulations to you all, mini Roo is a super cutiepie and all the better for being a tiny cutie. (one of mine was 5lb13oz, it's ok she'ss grow fast enough)Bit of a shock eh 2 and a half hours 1st time round. Just remember to opt for a home birth next time , you can pop one out in between serving Sunday lunch and the pudding.May the joys of new parenthood never cease to amaze you both.I'm really pleased for you bothTorey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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