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Good And Bad Day



yesterday we saw the health visitor who weighed the mini-roo and confirmed that she had put on a whole 5 1/2 oz and so was not of concern anymore...yayayayayayayay! In addition, her jaundice is definitely going and they don't want to do any blood tests, etc which is great!

But then last night, while we were changing her, we noticed a little lump in her groin which got worse when she was crying....it seems it's a type of hernia called an inguinal hernia, and from hunting the web, the only cure seems to be, albeit minor, surgery. However, it does have to be done under a general anaesthetic, and has to be done quickly to prevent strangulation of the bowel....

So here I am, awake since 3am and worried sick about putting my little scrap through this, and desperately wishing we had a 24 hour doc we could see now to put my mind at rest....

Sometimes life really stinks...I know in the scale of things that can happen to a child, we've had it quite easy, but it would be nice to have a day when I wasn't worrying about jaundice, weight loss or now this.... :rolleyes:


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Roo, my heart goes out to you. Children, and in particular babies are a worry at the best of times when they are ill.

I hope by now, you have seen your doctor and your mind is put at rest. Im sure mini-roo, if she has to have surgery will be fine. Easy for me to say, but try not to worry hun xx

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Thanks Leeanne...

Saw the doc this morning and it is what I thought...now have to wait for a referal for surgery....not looking forward to it AT ALL...

Poor little thing, but at least we know she's a fighter... :D

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How awful Roo, children being ill is just heartbreaking :(

I think that hernias are quite common in children, not that it makes it any easier being your own child. I suppose be thankful that you have spotted it nice and early before any damage is done.

Babies are very resiliant, more than we think :)

Take care and try not to worry too much


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