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Went to the Hospital this morning to see the Consultant Obsetritian (sp) re my kidney etc

Appointment was for 10.30am and at 11.45am my hubbie went to ask what was going on. "oh we've been a bit busy this morning" :) Hubbie got mildly narked and asked how to complain :) We then got fobbed off with excuse after excuse. One couple were still waiting since 10am :D

We eventually got to see the consultant who apologized but said this was likely to happen again :( When I got home I got a message to say she has managed to move me to another consultant who has a smaller workload and so I shouldn't have to wait as long - do you think she is just trying to get rid of an awkward patient :unsure:

Anyway, having a kidney scan, growth scan and seeing new consultant on Monday :D

Currently watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is reward for little fella for being so excellently well behaved this morning dispite his parents not being so well behaved :) It's pretty good but I think little fella is going to be a bit scared of squirels now :)

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Ah :rolleyes: not a good start for your hospital appointments down this way.

I don't mind waiting up to 1/2 an hour but any more is bad, unless the specialist (or whatever their title is) has had an emergency to deal with.

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