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Flogging A Dead Horse!



well today I spent 5 hours [edit: that was at 8pm...I've now spent another 3, making a total of 8...I wonder if they have a full time position here for me???] on here....as a continuation from several hours last night, I may add.....arguing about hunting. I feel absolutely frazzled and a little amazed at some of the small minded and nasty responses by (I am glad to say) a few people on this board...Mind you, it was very heartening to find out that all of the people I have previously respected and have thought to be decent have come out with reasoned arguments instead of gut reactions (which is more than can be said for some!).I get more and more frustrated with those who say 'I think this', 'I feel this', 'I am sure that should you ask, blah, blah', and then come out with some rubbish which they cannot support in detail or in fact. Personal opinion is one thing, but if it cannot be substantiated, then how do people keep managing to peddle this crap...do they have no self awareness at all? Or maybe they have no friends to bounce their ideas off? I don't know...what I do know is it starting to really get my goat!!!Oh well, tomorrow's another day, and at least the bigotted-old-so-and-so is a dying breed in this country! :p


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