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Fed Up



Well having spent the morning in the hospital, I get back to find a letter from the consultant wanting yet more tests :D No wonder the NHS is strapped for cash - I'm using up all the budgets :unsure:

It appears my red blood cells are too big :) and I could be lacking B12 or have an underactive thyroid gland :( Plus they want to check I don't have a kidney infection

This morning was such fun :) Take some blood then made to drink a container of orangy coloured liquid which tasted like flat, sweet lucozade and looked like a pot of wee :) Sit for 2 hours watching daytime TV, then more flippin blood :) Mind you Mervin enjoyed his high energy drinking session this morning :D

Good news is that we should be getting Broadband soon, so no more trailing wires everywhere :)


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Hang in there Katie, hun :) At least they are keeping on top of things and making sure everything is ok - not much help really though when you are the one being poked and prodded ((((hugs)))))Take care of yourself and try to take it easy :)Sue xxxx

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Thanks guys

Just sick of having blood extracted and having to go to the hospital :angry: I feel like Tony Hancock in the Blood Donor :doh:

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How long have you got left to go now, Katie?

I know what you mean about becoming a pin cushion, hopefully the GTT comes back normal.

Look on the plus side, as they are keeping tabs on how big Merv is getting, its unlikely s/he will get stuck like Thomas did, as they will be more aware :)

Sending lots of hugs your way, :)

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