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Delivering Approx 1300 Chrimbo Cards(yup)

Flat Land Andy's Goffer


On Wednesday I delivered the christmas post boxes for the local scout group to 3 local businesses. People pay a donation of 5p per card to have their cards delivered in the village by the cubs and scouts. The only problem with this is that it sometimes feels like it is just me and a couple of other mums doing the actually delivering!

Anyway I popped into one of the shops today to buy my little man a chocolate bar after a hard day at school practising for his christmas performance,( ha ha) only to be told that the box was full all ready!

The logistics of sorting and delivering approx 1300 cards during the next two weeks might be daunting to some, but Adam in his indicative fashion cannot wait! When I emptied the box he immediately asked if he could do them there and then. He suggested we could sort them in the car and get them done before it was dark. We compromised by agreeing that we would empty one of the other boxes that night, sort them before we went shopping and delivered them after football tomorrow!

On Sunday he is walking another 15 miles of the Macmillan Way for Macmillan Cancer Relief and so he cannot deliver on Sunday's which he is gutted about.


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