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A Good Day All Round

Flat land Andy


Today Adam and I walked the sixth stage from Braybrooke to Teeton, yet another 15 miles knocked off the 290 miles of the Macmillan Way. We have now completed 90 miles which is a great relief after the concerns we had about Adams ankle. He pressed on like a true trooper with only a few moans, but we still walked the 15 miles in the quickest time so far, 6 hours and 30 minutes, this included 30 minutes breaks. The highlight of the walk was the 900m we did underground. 5 miles of todays route followed the Brampton Valley Way along a disused railway line, which included two tunnels. As we approached the first along the cutting which was lined with trees, the mist was hanging in the air. This alone got Adams cogs turning and as we stood looking into the tunnel at the 10p size dot of light at the far end, Adam only words were "this is spooky". 50m in and all you can see is the dot of light, all I can hear apart from the echos of the stones we were catching with our feet is " dad dad slow down, dad dad where are you, dad dad is that you, dad dad what was that", and then half way through we could see a patch of light on the floor only very slight at first but it got bigger and bigger until, we were standing in the middle of it and above us was a 5m wide chimney (a ventilation shaft) which rose above us 40/50m. As we looked up the water was seeping through the walls of the shaft and dripping down, landing with loud spats that echoed around us. That was it, if Adam could have seen where he was running he would have! Adam was first out into the dapelled sunlight, relieved we stopped for lunch before we attemped the second.

Kelmarsh tunnel was much more clinical. He held on to my shirt all the away through and still had to check that I was still there. The rest of the walk went well and we even got home in time to have a fully sunday dinner, the first time for a long time. Time to start planning the next one, next week.

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