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What A Flipping Week



Aghhhhh its been one of those weeks!!!!!

lets roll back to last thursday ....hubby is a dj full time anyway a hotel booked him out the entire of december...so no cash from normal functions as they deal in cheques...they wont pay in advance due to the fact he "might drop dead"

from there it started off

on friday was 2 booking gary had to do the one in winchester.our other dj....let us down....so over a ton cash was lost...friday night i sat here in the dark with no gas or electric.

weekend kids gave me hell

monday picked up one signed cheque and got a christmas tree and said they the other cheque would there there today....so off went today and the bloody car gets hit and written off..... :):(:):):):(:(

were ok tho :D apart from ive now gone a little insane :):)

there was a few little minor thing in the middle that ive had to laugh at....better than cry

it surley cant get any worse


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Blimey, what a week :unsure:

Glad to hear you are ok after the car accident :)

We all have to suffer the odd c*** week to make us appreciate the rest of the year (I must be owed some fantastic weeks then :doh: )

Chin up and think of the money when the cheques start landing :D

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thanks katie :)

i must be due some fab weekends to...roll on 2006. :rolleyes:

i certainly has been a test so far...hope baby is fine and mum of coarse....might have little un on skys birthday she was born 7th jan...harry is 21st :)

goodluck and ty

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Sounds a terrible week- worse than the worst weeks that I have ever experienced. Hope you get over it and have some better weeks soon.

While it's unavoidable that there will be some bad weeks, if your life is generally unhappy, there may be general reasons why this is so, some of which may be addressable. Once they are gone or reduced in extent, while bad weeks will still happen, on average, life may be better. Just my two pence worth.

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