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Food And Snuffles

Kentish Snowgirl


Weekend already started for me, braved the City Centre and did almost all my present shopping. Theres' one person who still hasn't got anything :D:)

Anyway whats been going on - I have a cold, really bunged up and have terrible sinus pain, but still I struggle on! Think I should have shares in kleenex. Unfortunately has made my cough that i have had on and off since May come back with avengence.

Theres been so much food on offer this week that didn't dare go sick. Taken out Monday for carvery meal by contacts at work, office xmas lunch Wednesday and the Head of Services office buffet yesterday. Very nice indeed.

Netball going well - in our the main Canterbury league we are top of the league division 2, having been relegated after a season in division 1, so promotion beckons once more. In our indoor league we should finish 3rd, which is a fine achievement if I do say so myself.

Off out tonight to see a band in Folkestone with ES, sorry KS, and his best mate is coming down, so a good time should be had by all!

Adios amigos

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