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We were brave and went to Bristol on Monday in search of Ikea, baby stuff and flat screen TVs

I was pleasantly supprised that Ikea was virtually empty :( We bought a bit of stuff, shelves etc.

We also bought some bits for Merv, change mat etc but have yet to buy a cot (can't decided between a cot and cotbed) but not to worry as Merv will sleep in the carrycot bit of the pram for the first few weeks.

Then went to look at the "bargins" in the twinkling metropolis of Currys/Comet etc. We have been looking to replace our aging TV and hoped that the LCD TVs would be greatly reduced after xmas but no joy, they were pretty much the same price :) Having got back home, I've now found them loads cheaper on the internet so I think we will order one :(

Little fella went to play with one of his school mates yesterday, which made me realise what a fantastically well behaved young chap I have :( Also made me feel a bit stingy as to what we spent on presents, they had tons and tons of stuff, must have cost £100s :D But having said that, they were just wrecking half of it :)

Taking things easy at the moment, I'm starting to feel really slow and huge at the mo, so taking people's advice and putting my feet up when I can :)


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You braved Cribbs Katie :blink: .

:lol: Apparantly it was totally chocka on Tuesday, so you picked the right day to go.

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Yep, it wasn't to busy on Monday but hubbie went back today to get some more stuff for shelves and buy the cotbed and it was chaos :blink:

I'm really glad I stayed at home and just got jabbed with needles instead :doh:

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