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Busy Time



Well what a busy time I've had since my last entry :D

MiniLoo has arrive but yet to be given an official name. We are deliberating two different ones but have to decide which is to be the first and second name :(

Most of the time she is very quiet but she has some moments of mega shreaks :( Girls seem very different to boys and I don't remember little fella being quite so scary :)

She has mild jaundice but nothing to worry about, apart from a slight dodgy looking tan :(

We were brave today and got the pram out to go for our first walk into town. Seems like we are a bit of a celebrity in the village, as quite a few people mentioned that we were in the paper yesterday :)

We are off to Cirencester tomorrow so that Milo can buy his little sister a belated xmas pressie and his sis can buy him one :)


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hiya katie

imagine how it was for me...3 boys then a girl...omg talk about scarey....lol

well done tho..new year baby looked at the paper annoucement your only 20 miles up the road...lol

have fun

speak soon

loz x

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Congrats on the little 'un arrival - am really chuffed for you all. Both her and Milo look sooo cute in the picture on the thread too :wub: Take it easy hun xx

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Congrats on the wee wrinkly one!!

Can't help you with little girls I'm afraid, from what I've heard they're a totally different story to boys, and since Toddler Catch is well and truely male, I wouldn't know.

Hope the delivery wasn't too traumatic for you, that's one thing I can (almost, but not quite, since I'm male) sympathise with.

As for "the tan", I was jaundiced when I popped out almost 28 years ago, and I'm still yellowy grey when my suntan fades. (but I do tan really easily)

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Congratulations again Katie.

Girls are very different to boys... I believe little girls are capable of sitting still!

Take care.... and remember to sleep whenever and wherever possible. :)

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