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Well Christmas Is Now Well And Truley Over!

Baltic Regions


Yes, it's been and gone. Pretty cold and plenty of frosts but not much in the way of snow. Still hopeful for the rest of the winter!

Going back to work tomorrow. Been off for almost 2 weeks so I can't really complain and I've done the obligatry drinking buckets over christmas. Great!

Is anyone else going to be sick if they are given a trukey sandwhich?

Mate of mine has come over from Aussie for Christmas and it has been great to get caught up with him! Been gone 2 years and it's like he has never been away.

Made my Cherry brandy which seems to have gone down a treat with some family members requesting their Second bottle.

Watched a great program onm beeb2 last night about a guy who became a man with a tribe called the mukoko. The process seemed a little hairy at times and seems to have left profound effects with him a year on, for the better I think.

Usual dose of LOST last night and then saw Mr. Bond save the day.

Gonna start with my wifes drama club on saturday. Will be taking the kids who want to work backstage and start teaching them the basics and then we start designing and building sets!

Wish the bloke across the road would take his lights down!

Anybody watch Withnail and I?

Ah well! gonna put the feet up and relax on my last day off cos this year is gonna be very busy!


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