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Hello 2 U!!



Its been a while since i have posted a entry!!

Not really much to report thou!! haha im still looking for work, i have had a couple of interviews but they turned out to be not the right hours for me. :nonono:

I have two more this week so hopefully something will come off that! :nonono:

Its the 3rd week of my diet and im doing quite well to keep off the bad foods!! i lost 6lbs so far so hopefully can keep it up!! just remember noooooooo chocolate!! LOL! :unsure:

The weathers been so miserable here lately just dull and rainy everyday and mild,i love the cold weather and dont want it to vanish quite yet!!

Sinice the darts has been on the tv i decided it was time 2 put up our dart board again! lol!! so been playing darts recently and kicking the O/H's ass!!!haha i used to play darts but i gave up 3 yrs ago!

We are getting a pool table tomorrow which will be cool,i think my other half is going to make it into one of those pool table/diner,by making a top for it so can be used as a dining table to as we dont have one!

We have the silver bar stools too,so all we need is a bar and we ll have our own pub going on!!!!hahaha. <_<

Anyway better be off Now,hope your all well!!

Beth xx

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